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General & Multi-topic Open Texts and Course Materials

OER Commons

OER Foundation


UNESCO OER Community Wiki 

iTunes University 

What is iTunes U?

What's on iTunes U?

Open Courses - lectures, podcasts, books

Open Textbooks in EPUB format from:

  • Rice University 
  • Oxford University
  • The Open University

OER Commons Open Textbooks

Community College Open Textbook Collaborative

California Open Source Textbook Project


Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative

Tufts OpenCourseWare

John Hopkins OpenCourseWare

The Open University Learning Space

Khan Academy
Khan Academy on YouTube

            Business           Banking & Finance

Wolfram Alpha Business Demonstrations

iTunes U

Wolfram Alpha Finance Demonstrations

iTunes U

Engineering       TPP      

Intute Engineering 

Wolfram Alpha  Demonstrations

iTunes U

           Academics                 Language Studies  

Intute Mathematics  

Wolfram Alpha Demonstrations

MITOpenCourseWare Physics

iTunes U

           Health Sciences           Information Technology

Intute Medicine  Search for topics from main page.

MITOpenCourseWare   Biology

Wolfram Alpha Biology Demonstrations

iTunes U

Intute Computer Science

Wolfram Alpha Computer Science Demonstrations

iTunes U