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After reviewing the Key Questions document, I am proposing the following multiple handbooks:

Mini-handbook for educators
Lead person: Seth Gurell
Target audience: on the ground educators

I've attempted to write some of this material already. The emphasis would be in getting a very broad, basic overview to OER.

Rough outline (these ideas have to been in past and current outline proposals):

Mini-handbook for Institutions
Lead person: Philipp Schmidt
Target audience: instructional technologists, staff at institutions

I envision this handbook being mostly Philipp's UNESCO toolkit material with elements from other brought in as it fits.

Mini-handbook for policy makers
Lead person: Wayne Mackintosh (?)
Target audience: policy-makers, management

The format of this handbook is entirely out in the open. It would probably be the most conceptual of the three, and would focus on advantages and disadvantages of OER as well as other "big picture" issues.

Of course, everyone is welcome to make comments, suggestions and provide feedback to any of these mini-handbooks. I gave these three divisions based on the interests I was seeing, but they aren't intended to definitively deputize or exclude anyone. Unless there are strident objections, I plan to move forward with educator mini-handbook. The first step will be to make more detailed, granular pages covering the different subjects. Then I'll take the existing information from the wiki and from other sources and pour them into the appropriate pages.