Locating and adopting OER content

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(aka Using OER content for educators)

These are references that address similar issues

The process

This is an outline of the steps usually required in an OER content adoption project. The process may be simply - instructor looking for OER content to augment an existing course. Other projects are very complex where the stakes are high and the decision making requires input and review from many sources. Examples of finding and using OER content follow as case studies.

  • planning - learning objectives, lesson or course outline
  • content requirements - selection criteria
  • repositories
  • trusted sources, recommendations
  • searches, selection - rating, reviews
  • develop framework - course management system, lesson template
  • weeding and pruning - include, extraneous, missing
  • modify, re-mix, create
  • use - feedback, critique
  • quality review
  • knowledge building, sharing

Case studies