Culture and Research

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  • Understand how culture affects the way psychologists design and conduct research

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Web Resources

  • How do we study culture?

This article by seminal author Harry Triandis discusses what we study across cultures, and some of the methodological challenges.

  • Ethical issues in cultural and cross-cultural research.

Research across different cultures comes with its own set of ethical responsibilities and challenges. Read this chapter by a distinguished researcher in the field for an overview of some of the things that need to be considered in order to do ethical research in this field.

  • Cultural diversity

These authors discuss the concept that there can be as much variation within a culture as between it, so it is just as important to investigate intra-cultural diversity as cross-cultural diversity.

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In this video presentation, Carla Houkamau discusses the diversity within Maori as she talks about her research on Maori identity.