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Email: Instructions for Day 8

Hi Everyone,

I see quite a few User pages taking shape in the wiki -- I'm impressed. In the near future I suspect we may see a growing number of Kiwis receiving our global Community Userpage Expo (UPE) award:

Today we'll have a look at how you can leave a message on the talk page in the wiki. Have bash and leave a message for one of the course participants. You will find the instructions on our course homepage:

Remember that yesterday I registered participants on our OERNZ discussion list on google groups ( If you have anything specific you would like to ask pertaining to our national collaboration to build an OER commons for New Zealand -- this is a good place to ask.

Tomorrow we'll take things easy and I'll show you a cool feature to convert existing lesson plans or resources you may have into wiki syntax for sharing among teachers.

They say that sharing is caring :-)

Cheers Wayne

Email: Instructions for Day 7

Hi Everyone,

Congratulations to the participants who have upgraded their certifications well done! There are also good questions being posted on the wiki discussion page:

Many educators are concerned about the open editing in wikis. Today we will learn how you can monitor edits and how to revert edits.

A side note for anyone who may have fallen a little behind, don't give up, the finishing line is in sight! Besides, today is a little more relaxed so use this time to catch up on images. To be fair, images are perhaps the most complicated aspect in the wiki because it involves uploading files to the WikiEducator server. Once you have mastered images you are well on your way to achieving success!

You'll find a link to the instructions for Day 7 from our course homepage:

As you know, these workshops are part of our national collaboration to build an OER commons for New Zealand. This is a project designed by Kiwi teachers for Kiwi teachers. Feel free to download copies of OERNZ News and help spread the word among colleagues and friends at your individual schools:

Today, I'll also register you on the OERNZ mailing list -- this a good way to keep up to date with what is happening. Its a low traffic list, but remember you can always subscribe at any time.

Cheers Wayne

Email: Instructions for Day 6

Good morning everyone!

I trust that you had a good weekend.

Today you will learn how to upload and manipulate images in WikiEducator. After completing today's activities you can qualify for your 2nd community Wiki certification.

You will find the instructions to the activities for Day 6 on the course home page:

If you have missed out on a day or two's activities -- not too worry. This is a flexible workshop and all the activities and course materials are accessible from the course page. If you can find an hour or two, you should quite easily be able to catch up and join the leaders board for the highest number of edits during the workshop :-)

Congratulations to Faye, Sabrina, Pascale and Lulu who are currently leading the highest number of edits so far :-). See:

If you have any questions or need a little help -- feel free to post your question on the relevant wiki talk page. We're here to help:

Have a great day!


Email: Instructions for Day 5

Kia ora,

I hope that you've had a great day. I see that our cohort are making progress and folk are starting to post questions and ideas in the wiki discussions :-)

  • Congratulations to those participants who now have the WikiEducator community kudos and status of a Level 1 Wikiapprentice :-) Do you have a wiki certification yet?
  • Pascale, Faye & Lulu are leading the edit rankings for our course -- well done :-)
  • A free gift for all participants -- I've uploaded a boilerplate template to each of your user pages in the wiki to help you get started with user pages.

Visit the participant list page and click on the User page links to see what folk are doing. What is your edit count so far?


Day 5 of our workshop focuses on internal and external links and how to create a new page in the wiki. You'll find a link to the instructions for Day 5 on our course home page:

We all have busy schedules, and if you've fallen a little behind - don't worry. I'ts pretty easy to catch up. Try and find an hour over the coming weekend and you'll be up to date.

CU in the wiki Cheers Wayne

Email: Instructions for Day 4

Hi Everyone,

Today we'll start experimenting with basic wiiki editing on your user page. You will learn how to use format text using using bold, italics, lists headings and subheadings.

It's quite easy using the rich text editor. After today's session you can achieve your first wiki certification :-)

You will find a link to the instructions for Day 4 in the course material box of our home page:

CU in the wiki!

Email: Announcing our OERNZ2 Award ceremony

Kia Ora,

Wikis are about experimentation and having a little fun. Yes, you can earn the accolade of a wiki award and community kudos during an OERNZ workshop :-)

We have two participation awards for this workshop:

The Treasure Hunt Award is bestowed on those participants who achieve the highest score on the trivia questions posted on the Treasure Hunt page -- (

The "Don't be missed by your absence award" is bestowed on the workshop participant(s) who record the highest number of edits. Note that users with prior WikiEducator experience do not qualify for this award and will definitely have prior edits deducted from the running score.

Note that we display and keep track of the edit count of individual participants:

Good luck and may the best WikiEducator(s) win the accolades!

Cheers Wayne

Email: Instructions for Day 3

Kia ora,

Wednesday is the midpoint of the first week of our workshop. Today has been purposefully designed to create a gap for those who may need a little time to catch up on the first two days work :-).

It's great to see folk introducing themselves in the wiki :-) -- Do take a look.

I see that that our Introduction page has recorded 184 page views. We have 13 particpants registered for this workshop, and judging by the number of page views, this means colleagues are reading and visiting the wiki pages :-). Don't be shy -- join in and get your feet wet. If you get stuck -- just post your question in the wiki or by reply to this email. We're here to help.


Today we will show you how edit your user preferences and ask you to complete our New user survey -- shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes. See:

Remember the best page to keep track and keep up to date with the workshop is the course homepage:

Cheers Wayne

Email: Instructions for Day 2

Kia ora everyone.

Just making sure that you'll have the instructions for Day 2 of our OERNZ workshop in your inbox at the start of your working day on Tuesday.

I see folk are making progress with the activities for Day 1 :-). If you missed the email for Day 1 -- no worries -- you can access copies of previous email post in the wiki (see: :-).

Get to know your fellow participants and read the introductions posted so far (see: ). Wiki's are about experimentation -- be bold and have a bash at posting your own intro.

Day 2 is pretty relaxed -- you will learn more about the amazing world of wikis. Your assignment for Day 2 is to post ideas and thoughts in the discussion on quality in open authoring systems. You'll find step-by-step instructions for Day 2 listed on the course schedule page:

Alternatively, you can access the course materials directly from the home page for this workshop: (Would be a good idea to bookmark this page in your browser.)

I'll CU in the wiki :-)

Cheers Wayne

Email containing instructions for Day 1

Copy of email sent to registered participants -- Sunday, 21 March, 2010

Greetings everyone,

I trust that you have had a great weekend! A very warm welcome to the 2nd OERNZ free wiki skills workshop! Together we are making open education futures happen for New Zealand.

This is a wiki workshop, so all our instructions and activities will be conducted in WikiEducator. Each day, I will send you an email with the instructions for the day's activities which you are free to complete at your own pace and at a time which suites your personal schedule. You should be able to compete the activities assigned for each day within 20 to 40 minutes -- so this is not too onerous.

Wiki's come with a health warning -- they can be addictive, but we;re going to have lots of fun.

You will find the instructions and assignment for the first day of the workshop from the course homepage in the wiki:

Have fun and I will CU in the wiki :-)

Cheers Wayne

How come these emails refer to Wednesday being day 3? It is all a bit confusing?