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A new project concept ....

Given that:

  • US OER funding may be decreased and/or in jeopardy;
  • Funding of OER projects is decreasing, or likely to be completed over the coming years
  • Hewlett, Shuttleworth, Gates and other OER projects have established a core competency and constitutent base
  • the OER movement globally is growing rapidly, and in emergent and perhaps unforeseen directions;

... we suggest that a significant opportunity exists for the CollabOERate Project:

That is:

  • to identify the core competencies of each Hewlett project, and have the projects use them (i.e., using WikiEducator as a production environment for learning materials and open textbooks);
  • to identify gaps and desired opportunities for each project, and facilitate appropriate stakeholder engagement;
  • to mobilize leading OER projects to build, and leverage each other's progress;
  • to openly and collabOERatively seek ways to help each other grow, sustain, and develop value added business models
  • to operate as a Community of Practice
  • to adhere to OER values, and advocate for the values of Open Philanthropy
  • to support collabOERative, sharing and adoption behaviour between the "projects", as well as flagship projects in the context of each organization; (i.e., behavioural interoperability and advocacy and support within institutions)
  • to support and engage educators to use and adopt OER materials for use in the classroom, online and blended environments;
  • to communicate progress and achievements across the CollabOERate Community

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