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Produce Shield Pumpkins


  • To promote the growing of produce by children at home
  • To demonstrate the closed cycle of sowing, tendering, harvesting, eating and replanting

Two seeds were distributed at the beginning of term 4 to every pupil

The student instructions are:

  • In spring/summer place a __________ seed in damp soil at a depth equal to that of the seed
  • Water it
  • Feed it compost or manure
  • Harvest
  • Have a meal and write down the recipe
  • In Autumn bring back your recipe, pictures and samples of your produce for use as seeds for next year
Seeds suitable for the competition are: beans, peas, potatoes, corn, pumpkin, melon etc

The Produce Shield Winner will need to:

  1. Demonstrate age appropriate skills (younger students will need greater adult assistance) in all three areas - recipe, plant growing (picture/photos evidence) and seed growing
  2. Create drawings or digital photos of their plant during its growing cycle on an A4 paper
  3. Write a child friendly recipe that is suitably illustrated on an A4 paper
  4. Return seeds in a recycled envelope with the name of the student and dated