NOSTT/Projects/Forms 4-5/Information Technology/Theory

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Teacher: Wendy Wilson

Country: Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies

Assigned School: Five Rivers Government Secondary School

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Key points
List of Topics to Cover

Students need to understand and be able to apply knowledge of:

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Self Assessment


Students will be have access to:

    • Questions Sheets.
    • Mind Map as study aides.

to help them master the theoretical aspect of this course.

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Fundamentals of Hardware and Software

Students should be able to:

    • State:
      • the types and function of output devices.
    • Describe:
      • general purpose computer systems.
      • data storage and manipulation methods within the computer.
    • interpret hardware specifications.
    • Explain the:
      • uses of input devices and media
      • major hardware components functions.
      • functions of the OS.
      • different processing modes.
    • Distinguish between:
      • Multiprocessing, Multitasking and Multiprogramming.
      • the types of user interface.
      • system programs and application programs.
    • Outline the:
      • functions and uses of primary storage devices.
    • Compare the:
      • types of secondary storage media with respect to portability, speed and capacity.
    • Manipulate:
      • units of storage.
    • Interpret the:
      • hardware specifications of a computer system.
    • Use:
      • terms associated with storage devices.

Source: Information taken from the folloing

       Information Technology Syllabus CXC 30/G/SYLL 08
       Longman Information Technology for CXC by R Birbal J Blair
       Log on to IT for CSEC by R Birbal M Taylor