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Registration for Workshop eL4C52

My fascination for Wikieducator promted me to underrtake this workshop so that I again polish the wiki skills, learn from peers, interact to get new ideas. I am creating content for Problem based Learning (PoBL)as I feel that this pedagogy can be adapted using wiki tools.

[| EL4C52]

Registration for Workshop eL4C51

I am thankful to Dr. Shreedhar,CEMCA to tell me about this Workshop. I immediately registered. The features, theme and people behind i.e the Facilitators and the Technical support kept me motivated to Experiment and develop Wiki Skills. I learnt about OER and the wonderful work that is going on globally. Kudos to New Zealand and Canada where the movement has picked up the desired momentum.

Trials with Pages

I tried various things. The follwing strategy made learning easy:

  • Wiki Tutorials
  • Adhereing to Schedule of Workshop
  • Mails from Facilitators
  • Visit to peers to see their experimentation and adopting new learning
  • Learning from User pages and sandboxes of 20,000 + wiki peers
  • All this helped and I am still learning.
  • New features motivate me and I feel like adopting them

Viewing Peer Pages and other User Pages for Ideas

  • Peeping into Peer Pages helps learning
  • I kept the principle One has to get into Water to learn Swimming
  • I liked various features on font , colour, boxes, frames and still learning


  • Do visit my sandbox, there is lot of stuff I keep copying and storing for future use.
  • I love the sandbox concept where like my chidhood I can build houses with sand and make new designs of houses

WikiEducator is my Mission !