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  • Learn how to edit and format wikis
Tutorials provided by WikiEducator
  • Make your own home page at: username here
For example Scott´s page is at:


  • Logo/branding/image design
  • Create a WikiEducator Nav for the top of subsections such as the Elements of the Home pages -- Scott will do


  • write our own description of what the project's objectives are
  • develop a welcome article that takes newcomers through a summary of our research and direction
  • market research
    • develop user profiles
    • research the existing products on the market
  • establish objectives
  • Funding: grants? supporters?


  • promotion:
    • keep facebook group updated
    • friends and parents
    • by trying to get others involved
  • create relationships with other architecture and design groups that might contribute or educate us. See Partner Projects page.
  • create links to design websites, groups and forums. See Links page.