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Multimedia authoring tools provide the framework for organizing and editing the elements of a multimedia project. Authoring software provides an integrated environment for combining the content and functions of a project. It enables the developer to create, edit, and import data.Multimedia authoring tools provide the framework needed for organizing and editing multimedia elements in a project.

Types of Authoring Tools

*Dummy user.pngCard- and page-based tools. 
  • Card- and page-based authoring systems provide a simple and easily understood metaphor for organizing multimedia elements.
  • It contains media objects such as buttons, text fields, and graphic objects.
  • It provides a facility for linking objects to pages or cards.

*Dummy user.pngIcon-based, event-driven tools.
  • Icon-based, event-driven tools provide a visual programming approach to organize and present multimedia.
  • Multimedia elements and interaction cues are organized as objects in a flowchart.
  • Flowchart can be built by dragging appropriate icons from a library, and then adding the content.

*Dummy user.pngTime-based tools. 
  • Time-based tools are best suited for messages with a beginning and an end.
  • Some time-based tools facilitate navigation and interactive control.
  • Macromedia’s Director and Flash are time-based development environments.

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