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This is a further stage in building an effective blended learning environment with Moodle, while using only the basic Moodle tools.

Franklin Covey: Habit #7 "Synopsis: Balance and renew your resources, energy, and health to create a sustainable, long-term, effective lifestyle"

In the context here it means: get a few online basics sorted. And here is how you do this:

Find a trusted friend (or a qualified minor somewhere in your whanau) and show them this list. Ask them to help get you a Roadworthiness check to save a lot of time and get onto the net in a productive and satisfying way. Yes, truely. The one big problem is: typing. You may thing you are not fast enough. Just do your best.

This workshop assumes

  1. you can log on confidently to your Moodle server
  2. you have solved the problem of remembering your passwords
  3. you can find your courses
  4. you can post in forums (with images and attachments).

As well:

  1. You understand the concept of members for a course and course sections.
  2. You should know how to add items such as files, forums and links.
  3. You should have access to some help (maybe another teacher friend) for setting up groups , naming sections
  4. and (if it is really important to you) the use of labels to pretty up a page or add extra scaffolding.

That's it. All the tools you need for some simple but powerful activities. (The one exception may be Moodle self marking quizzes, but we will work on these later)