Module 6: Open Office Impress/Inserting Graphics/Subsection 1 Clip Art

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Tutorial 1 Inserting a Clip Art


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In this tutorial we will:
  • Learn how to select the standard Openoffice Clip Art and use it in our presentation.
  • Search for Clip Arts from the Openoffice gallery, and user them in our presentation.

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At this point, we make two basic assumptions:
  • You are conversant on using the and customizing your Toolbars and
  • You have successiful downloaded and installed the Open Clip Art Gallery

Using the Gallery

<This section is for main step by step instructions/content. How you group these will depend on the size and complexity of each task and what seems a logical flow. For example, the 2 tasks in the ECDL syllabus 'Starting a computer' and 'Shutting down the computer', might be grouped together as one task/activity/movie>

Guidelines include:

  • Order of sections should be logical (e.g Saving should precede closing)
  • Clear step by step instructions - numbering is useful.
  • Clear screenshots.
  • The screenshots should follow the instructions.
  • Always follow the conventional steps as opposed to short cuts.
  • Major sections should be flagged/highlighted appropriately (e.g font size, color).
  • Where you have a number of tasks within a sub-section and you wish to split them over a number of pages using the next/back arrows between pages, you may also need to provide a sub-menu of links to each of the pages here.
  • If/where appropriate establish the number of levels of headings/subheads to be used in each chapter of module; this consistency may bring a certain degree of (necessary)predictability to the format of the materials so that only actual content is to be worked on.
  • If/where appropriate, within a chapter, one should attempt consistency in language style used for headings/subheadings
  • Avoid including explanations, summaries of a tool/feature (e.g. cell, worksheet) within actual tasks related to tool (e.g. 'Insert a new worksheet). As far as possible, all explanations about the worksheet should be included under main heading (subhead) and tasks should only list actions.