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Date & Time : 24, July 2024 17:19

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Word is one of Office suite programs.This program is used in word processing, tables , charts, auto shapes. Finally this program is ideal for normal and professional user. 1.gif

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  • Know how to work with word processor. Writing, editing, formatting your paragraphs.
  • Work with tables.
  • Manage your paper or letter use mail mirage.

How to run this program

  • Start
  • All programs
  • Word.

Start to work with Word

Microsoft Word Window opens. You see a blank white page. The top bar of this window is called Title Bar. The second bar is the Menu Bar. Menu bar helps you to access various commands grouped under File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tools, Table, Window and Help. More frequently used commands are placed at the beginning. Hence File Menu comes first. Help Menu comes last.

Usually you type your document and save it. You adjust the margins using Page Setup and Print Preview to make sure the document looks right when printed. If you are happy, you Print it and Exit Microsoft Word.

As you Print Preview your document, you may think of improving the document. Now you click on Edit to edit the document using tools available at Edit menu. After editing, you Print Preview it to make sure everything is perfect.

You can improve the looks of the document using various Format commands.

For the most used menu is

  1. File
  2. View
  3. Format
  4. Tools
  5. Format.

Format Menu helps you to make your document professional looking. It helps you use fonts, different colors, paragraph borders etc..

Through this menu you can change the given (default) options, change it to your preferred options.

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Download Free Samples

Word Manual PDF
Word Work Book PDF

Word Manual PDF
Word Work Book PDF
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By the end of this littel information also you can download free samples you can be able to work with this program, also hope you can have your work.