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Spread sheets is one of Office suite programs. This program is used in word processing, tables , charts, auto shapes. Finally this program is ideal for normal and professional user.

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  • Know how to work with Excel. Writing, editing, formatting your Tables.
  • Work with Charts.
  • Manage your Tables, Rows,Columns, Numbers, Currency .

How to run this program

  • Start
  • All programs

Start to work with Spread Sheets

As you open run this program you will find a window with many of columns and rows.
Columns start from A B C ……. Z then AA AB AC …….. AZ , BA BB BC ……. BZ till IV
Rows start from 1 to 65536.
At this program your saved data will be saved at Book and the Book can content many sheets
Through this program you will have math equations , chart any equations and also you can have time tables, any thing related to numbers. There is no deference between office menu just the deference is which this programs do as you will find the same menu bar.

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Download Free Samples

Spread Sheets Manual PDF
Spread Sheets Work BookPDF

Spread Sheets Manual PDF
Spread Sheets Work Shop PDF

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By the end of this littel information also you can download free samples you can be able to work with this program, also hope you can have your work.