Mathematical Journey/Initial Assessment/Objectives

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As a start to your mathematical journey, you will complete an initial assessment.  This is not a test! It is a way for you and your coach to identify the best starting point for your journey. 

For this assessment and for other aspects of your journey, we will be using resources from the Khan Academy.  So you can keep a record of your work and share it with your coach, you will need to register.  Please go to this link and register now.

Once you have an account, your username will show up in the right-hand corner of the screen. Click on this name and you will get your profile page.  On this page, you can look at your progress.  (Once a coach is designated for you, your coach will also be able to see your progress.)

You can also set goals for yourself on your profile page and we'll use this to set up your assessment.  Click on the "Goals" option on the left-hand side of the screen. Then choose "Create New Goal." You'll then get a pop-up box with three choices.  Choose the "Custom Goal" option. To find the choices given below to set up your goal, use the search box.

I've provided a tour of the Khan site in this video.

Choose one of the options below to set up your goals for this assessment:

Option 1:  If it's been a while since you've used algebra and you want to check your basic arithmetic skills, click on each of the links below to a practice set in Khan Academy. reflect on your work in your journal.

Option 2: If you're pretty confident about your algebra skills, try the following set of links. Reflect on your experience in your journal:

Once you've completed either option, proceed to e-Activity 2.1.