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Before beginning this activity, you should have gotten your Khan Academy account and completed either Option 1 or 2 in the Initial Assessment section. You should also have set up your blog or other way to document your learning in this course. And, you should have begun a journal about your mathematical journey.

Assuming all this, here is your initial e-activity:

  1. Add at least one item to your journal, in which you reflect on your work in either Option 1 or Option 2. Be sure to answer the following questions (note- we'll be using this frequently- it's called an SII- Strengths, Areas for Improvement and Insights).
    • What strengths did you exhibit in the Khan Academy exercises?
    • In what areas do you now see you need improvement in your math skills?
    • What insight(s) did you gain from this activity?
  2. Send a message  to Liza Legault ( to inform her that you have completed the Khan exercises (as set up in your goals) and that you have completed your journal entry. If you are taking this course through OERu and wish to receive a credential, she will then assign you a coach.(If you already have her as an instructor as an Empire State College student, you will continue working with her.)

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