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Pie Chart
  • A graph in the shape of a circle divided into sectors, whose areas correspond to the proportions of the quantities.
  • Visual representation of relative magnitudes of a given set of quantities.
  • Used to visualize the distribution of cateogorical data.
  • Also called pie graph.

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Tip: When creating a pie chart...
  • If there are more than 6 categories, consider using a bar graph.
  • Include percentage figures, and optionally the data value, for each category or slice of the pie.
  • Order the slices from largest to smallest clockwise, starting at the top.


1. Pie Chart with Data Table


Falcons Sited at Hawk Mountain during 2008 Fall Migration Season
Count Percent
Osprey 474 43%
American Kestrel 294 26%
Northern Harrier 143 13%
Merlin 129 12%
Peregrin Falcon 61 5%
Unidentified Falcon 13 1%
Total 1114 100%

2. Pie Chart with Table

Apple pie chart.png

On a ficticious survey...

Opinions of kids.
Opinion Count Percent
Delicious 450 75%
Nutricious 150 25%
Total 600 100%