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The building of a business


To set up the framework for your Bed & Breakfast business


The first thing you need to do is to decide on a name and structure. Remember your B&B business is where you (and maybe family) will live so you need to think about the comfort of you and your guests.

Start to compile information on your B&B to go towards your assignments. Decide on the following and write the answers down

  • how many guest rooms do you have
  • will you supply any meals apart from breakfast
  • what time will breakfast run from eg. 6-9am
  • what will you offer guest for breakfast
  • will you have any special features in the rooms eg. spa baths, ensuites
  • where are you located - space for parking requirements
  • how many staff do you have and what are their roles
  • Are you going to have a logo - what might it look like

Supporting Resources

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