Marketing techniques in a tourism organisation/Activities/Marketing Concepts

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To help you understand better the marketing concept and philosophy


Go to the Air New Zealand website and answer the questions below. The reading "Marketing Concept and Philosophy" (in supporting resources) will help you.


  • What is the product/s
  • Provide an example (for each) of how the company emphasize the low cost and high quality of their products
  • Can you find an example of products which are being promoted that are identical; are they competing against each other? What would make the client choose one over another. (Relate this to needs, wants and demands)
  • How can this company tell if a particular product is meeting the needs of its clients?
  • Can you suggest several ways in which the company identifies what its customers needs are?
  • Does this company operate loyalty programmes? eg. airpoints
  • Can you name some of the relevant organisational goals for Air New Zealand
  • What do you think client's needs are when they go to this url?

Supporting Resources - Marketing Philosophies