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I'm your WikiNeighbour and, like you, one of 80,738 WikiEducators.

I have noticed your new profile page. In it's current location, it is very likely that you and several other users will edit, or may already be editing the same profile page. This can be frustrating because other users are unwittingly replacing your work with theirs. It may be helpful to establish a profile page by editing your user page and simply adding this text: [[/My profile]]. This new link will establish a profile page that will be uniquely yours. And some good news: Any material you added on the other profile page is preserved in the history of that page and can be copied over to your new profile.

Similarly you may decide to establish [[/My pictures]] or any other category that facilitates your use of Wikiediucator. Welcome once again to the WE community.

Gladys Gahona. --chela5808 18:55, 29 January 2009 (UTC)

Backgroud Information

My name is Irene Gitahi.Iam 49 years old and a mother of one. Iam working at Kenya Institute of Education as Senior curriculum developer.

Educational and Proffesional Qualifications

I hold a Masters degree in Education from Kenyatta University.My research was on Early childhood education" My research topic was Effectiveness of teachers in facilitating transition of learners from Pre-primary to lower primary schools in Nairobi,Kenya.Iam planning to pursue a Doctorate Degree in August in the area of Administration


My interests are:

  • Site seeing
  • watching
  • reading


Clssification of Foods

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The following are the objectives of this lesson:

  1. Define food
  2. classify foods
  3. Name different foods