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In this week you will:
  • start setting up your personal learning environment by getting a twitter account, and
  • learn about the formulation of the United Nations, its role, structure and mandate.

In preparation for your first tutorials next week, you must:

  1. Watch the 2 part lecture on the History of International Cooperation
  2. Do Activity 1 and then watch the video on the Structure of the United Nations
  3. Watch the final lecture on the Creation of the United Nations

If you have time, take a look at the extension exercises. Make sure that you write notes as you go and note down any questions that you have to raise in tutorials and/or by tweeting out to the group.

Lectures and Viewings

Lecture - History of International Cooperation (Part 1)

Lecture - History of International Cooperation (Part 2)

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Activity 1
What do you think the UN does?
  • Grab a pen and paper and jot down a list of things you think the UN does, based on your general knowledge.
  • Next watch the video presentations below, and jot down anything new that you hear
  • How close was your original list? What other activities or information did you note down as new?
  • Pick one or two of your observations and tweet out to the group making sure to add #UOWMUN

Structure of the United Nations video

Lecture - The Creation of the United Nations

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Extension exercise

Take a look at some of the key works that have influenced international relations over time:

These are also useful resources: