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A research assistant, Mr Josh Pallas, was hired and completed a review of OERs to support the delivery of the Model United Nations (MUN) subject.

No suitable OER textbooks were found. Some OER journal articles were sources, plus a range of OER media collections.

Topic Area Bibliography Access Notes URL
Negotiations Iacob, Oana-Adriana., 2012, Configuring The Role Of The United Nations Secretary General In The Peaceful Settlement Of International Disputes. Relations With The Security Council And The General Assembly, Challenges Of The Knowledge Society, Vol 2, pp. 974-991 accessed on 26/2/2014 Found through Directory of Open Access Journals About the role of the Sec Gen in negotiating international disputes. This module would be awesome to couple with a crisis cabinet on an issue… link
Nature of UN (SC) Schlichtmann, Klaus, 2011, An Enduring Concept for Security Council Reform, Beijing Law Review, Vol 2 pp. 97-110, accessed on 26th February 2014 Found through Directory of Open Access Journals About Security Council reform. But does go through the history and nature of SC link
Nature of UN (SC) Kia, B., Ojie, P. A., Kidi, Z. D., 2010, Veto Power as a Diplomatic Cover for National Interests of Bearing Members in United Nations Security Council: Implications on the Management of Global Peace and Security, International Journal of Advanced Legal Studies and Governance, Vol 1, Iss 1, Pp 122-132 accessed on 26th February 2014 Found through Directory of Open Access Journals About the veto in the SC and the implications of it's use. Attack on national interest link
Briefing / Negotiations? Iucu, Oana, 2010, Diplomacy and diplomatic functions, Manager, Vol 11, Iss 1, Pp 129-134 accessed on 26th February 2014 Found through Directory of Open Access Journals An introduction to diplomacy, what it is, what the techniques are etc. link
General Information UN Youtube Channel, 2008, accessed on 26th February 2014 found on youtube, public access a general history of the UN link
General Information on diplomacy 7th Annual UN Global Classrooms Conference, Los Angeles, Dr. Kantathi Suphamongkhon, Burkle Center Senior Fellow and 39th Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of Thailand found through ItunesU, but is publicly accessible through the UCLA website interesting insight into the operations of the UN from someone who has taken part in talks. link
general info Brown University, Scholars Online Series, accessed on 26th February 2013 found on Brown Uni Website (separate emails with Sarah re access) Fantastic snapshot of what occurs from people with a lot of UN experience. Look specifically at: Why are there permanent seats at the UN? How has the veto affected the UN? Is the UN a democratic organisation? What is your perspective on the structure of the UN? link
UN GA Meyer, Scott James, The Changing Role of the UN General Assembly (October 31, 2012). International Bar Notes, The International Bar Association, Summer 2011. Available at SSRN: accessed on 11 Marc 2014 link found through openDoar interesting and short article on the changing nature of the GA link
UNSC Inocencio Arias, 1999, Humanitarian Intervention: Could the Security Council Kill the United Nations?, Fordham International Law Journal, Volume 23, Issue 4 1999 Article accessed on 11th March 2013 found through openDoar about the SC and humanitarian intervention, pros / cons, quite dated, non western perspective link
UNSC Malone, David M., An Evolving UN Security Council (Oct-Dec 2007). Indian Journal of International Law, Vol. 47, No. 4, pp. 594-615, October-December 2007. Available at SSRN: accessed on 3rd March 2014 link found through openDoar written by a diplomat, looking at the nature of the SC, relatively contemporary account link
UN Charter UN Charter public website the governing doc of the UN link
UN GA How United Nations ideas change history THOMAS G. WEISS Review of International Studies, Review of International Studies / Volume 36 / Supplement S1 / October 2010, pp 3-23, accessed on 19/3/14 uow online databases, not open access looks at the role that that GA plays in norm setting link
UN GA New Histories of the United Nations accessed on 19th March 2014 Sunil Amrith Birkbeck, University of London Glenda Sluga University of Sydney Journal of World History > Volume 19, Number 3, September 2008 uow online databases, not open access a more critical perspective on the UN and reform and norm setting link