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Position Paper and MiniMUN

See week 5 for all the notes and details on how to develop your position paper.

MiniMUn on the Death Penalty

To prepare for the miniMUN, please:

(1) Read the:

  • Model briefing paper;
  • Example of a country position paper, in this case using the Commonwealth of Australia; and
  • Draft resolution for debate.
These are all in the: mini-MUN death penalty briefing back 2018
Briefing for the UOW mini-MUN on the death penalty 2018

(2) The familiarise yourself with the UOWMUN Rules: Rules of Procedure For UOW Model United Nations.

(3) Prepare a short country position paper for your country on the death penalty. There are a range of source to find information on the death penalty and your country's position in the model briefing paper but start with Amnesty International, the Cornell Centre on the Death Penalty Worldwide and the UN itself.