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Doing Country Research

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In this module you will learn more about how to to do research on the governmental policy of a country and how to construct policy and briefing papers. These skills will be fantastic for those of you wanting to be diplomats and policy advisors to politicians.


Week 4 - Country Research - undertake research into the country that you are representing in the MUN simulation.

Weeks 5 and 6 - Country Briefing and Position Paper - write an issues paper on the topic we're debating and refine and condense your research and write up as a position paper which outlines your preferred approach and actions, ie your position on the topic.


Position paper worth 40%. This piece represents the culmination of research into a current global issue and how the country you are representing sees this issue. It is a crucial piece of work as it forms the basis of the presentations and debate you will undertake in the actual MUN simulation. The MUN simulation concludes and brings together everything you have learned in this course.

Consider tweeting about some of your findings to #UOWMUN.