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At a glance

Subject: Model United Nations

Offered by: University of Wollongong

Due for delivery: Autumn (February) 2015

Progress: 100% complete at April, 2015.

Team Members

Sarah Lambert, Manager, Open Education, University of Wollongong. Click here to email me.

Dr Susan Engel, Senior Lecturer, Politics and International Studies /Humanities and Social Inquiry, Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts.

Mr Josh Pallas, Research Assistant and Project team member

Project Schedule

Milestone Who Target date Status
Review existing OERs for remix Sarah Lambert, Josh Pallas July 2014 Complete
Design blueprint Sarah Lambert, Susan Engel October 2014 Complete
Weekly schedule of topics and activities Susan Engel October 2014 Complete
Incorporate Feedback from OERu Sarah Lambert, Susan Engel Nov-Dec 2014 Complete
Develop course delivery website Sarah Lambert, Josh Pallas November 2014 - February 2015 Complete
Finalise teach dates and add to OERu website Sarah Lambert January 2015 Complete
Finalise enrolment method Sarah Lambert Feb 2015 Complete
Finalise assessment payments Sarah Lambert end March 2015 Complete
Complete course materials Sarah Lambert, Susan Engel, Josh Pallas end March 2015 Complete
Review and refine materials and website Sarah Lambert, Susan Engel, progressive throughout course delivery til June 2015 Complete
Evaluation with students, data analysis Josh Pallas, Sarah Lambert, Susan Engel, Data collection by end of June, analysis Sept-Dec 2015. Currently drafting journal paper submissions based on the evaluation data