Engaging DL Learners

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Engaging Disciplinary Leaders in Collaborative Collaborations in Minneapolis Professional Development

Terms of Reference


For the Core Group of Disciplinary Leaders

  • to increase buy-in and engagement in the use of instructional technology for professional development
  • to support DL Champions - as ambassadors/advocates in their disciplines
  • to facilitate and support information-sharing and dialogue in applying good practices in the use of instructional technology
  • to facilitate peer learning and knowledge transfer in a community of practice model
  • to communicate and report group experience beyond the Core Group - to relevant stakeholders


  • there is 1 representative person from each of the disciplines
  • each person has permission and availability to participate in this pilot project


  • who will be on the initial team?
  • who will be reporting to whom?
  • what are the kinds of outcomes you're looking for?


  • X number of people trained
  • X number of materials posted
  • X number of substantive discussions / threads
  • X number of lessons learned, etc.
  • X communiques

Time Frame

  • September to December (Phase I}
  • January to April (Phase II) - expansion