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Professional Development in a Web 2.0 World

Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) provides a myriad of opportunities to its teachers and staff to receive just-in-time training, job embedded professional development, engagement with professional learning communities, and other activities involving peer coaching and independent professional development goal setting. In this environment staff and teachers are able to in turn be learners and development leaders.

For the school year 2010-11 Minneapolis Public Schools has received an Educational Technology ARRA Grant for .Development Through Technology (PDT2) Minneapolis Public Schools has deployed a lot of technology to schools in the past three years.TechIntegration website. Information Technology integration strategists in the IT Dept of MPS work collaboratively with the Disciplinary Literacy (DL) Team in the Curriculum and Instruction (CI) Department to assist staff in achieving district strategic initiatives and their own PDP plans.

Current Offerings:


  • Summer - Instructional Approaches for Teachers of English Language Learners
  • Summer - Teaching World Languages Using Web 2.0 Tools


  • Fall - Leading Schools in a Web 2.0 World - Facilitated by Jean Doolittle
  • Fall - Using Technology to Help Students Become Better Researchers - Facilitated by Tanya Hodge
  • Fall - Transforming the Classroom with Project-Based Learning - Facilitated by Jason Jirsa
  • Fall - Solving Systems of Equations - Facilitated by Sonja Krasean
  • Fall - Using Digital Portfolios to Foster Student Learning - Facilitated by Renee Jesness
  • Fall - Improving Reading and Writing in the Content Areas - Facilitated by Carmen Elate
  • Fall - Integrating Literacy and the Life Sciences - Facilitated by Todd Pierson


  • Winter - Learning and Teaching with Web 2.0 Tools - Facilitated by Ben Knaus
  • Winter - Strategies and Tools for Teaching the Writing in the Content Areas - Facilitated by Carolyn Townsend
  • Winter - Using Google to Become a 21st Century Administrator - Facilitated by Guillaume Paek
  • Winter - Science 2.0: Using Web Tools to Promote Inquiry-Based Science - Facilitated by Dan McGuire