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background to ePortfolios

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reasons for developing and introducing ePortfolios

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learning processes

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evaluation and assessment

planning learning

defining objectives

role of the teacher

eportfolio process

support learning

integration of eportfolio processes



the use of multimedia


rights using digital data

Module objectives and activities

course structure

  • Main Module- Introduction and Planning of Portfolio work
  • Sub-Module 1 - Selection and Connection of Portfolio Artefacts
  • Sub-Module 2 - Reflection on Learning Process
  • Sub-Module 3 - Presentation of Competence Development
  • Sub-Module 4 - Assessment of Learning Outcomes

delivery methods

  • The course will be designed so that it can be either:
    • delivered, face to face,
    • delivered as a blended learning programme
    • OR as an Open Learning course that learner can follow at their own pace from anywhere having an internet connection
  • the course will be structured/created on a Wiki broken down into modules. The modules are broken down into sessions, and the sessions are broken down into activities. The activities are fully resourced Units of learning. This structure will:
    • enable flexibile delivery, sessions can be delivered as free-standing sessions or grouped together to create a delivery package that will suit any individual or institionins
    • enable the the course to be 'future proofed' - the Wiki 'nodes' will be updated by the community - as things develop, it will only the nodes/outer pages/definitions that will need to be updated
  • the Wiki will be mainted by MOSEP for the duration of the project and, for sustatinability an interest group will be established to act as content validators for post project
  • the suggested timings only provide some guidance for face to face delivery Training model
    • can be whole days
    • can be broken down into half-days
    • after school twi-light sessions
    • with the online option time will not matter as participants can move at their own pace
  • the course will employ a variety of activities including:
    • ICT based?
    • group work (optional because of distance/open learning possibility)
    • discussions (optional because of distance/open learning possibility)
    • online collaboration with other learners via social software?
    • presentations OR video podcasts (distance learning/open learning option)
    • peer review (face to face) or online Buddy (online delivery)
    • etc
  • The course will not rely on a particular ePortfolio tool, it will be designed to be relevant and approporiate for whatever ePortfolio tool participants choose to use.
  • open source statement - will sign post open source wherever possible but will not disadvantage paricipants or institutions that use propriety tools
  • participants will build a personal ePortfolio as an integral part of the course
  • they will compile a Presentational ePortfolio that they will use in an interview where they will have to demonstrate their competence in:
    • supporting students
    • being able to develop an ePortfolio
  • certificate of completion if participants deliver their presentational ePortfolio
  • course translated into 5 languages only after testing

  • online delivery - participants provided with tutorial/how to use it podcast

presentational ePortfolio

end of Module presentation