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Tutorial.png MOSEP structure for module development: Sub-Module 2  Overview Structure Activities Resources

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What activities (workshop time table) are planned?


A variety of activities can be used to facilitate student reflection. Teachers can require students to keep journals, encourage students to publicly discuss their service experiences and the learning that ensued, and require students to prepare reports to demonstrate their learning. When constructing the reflection activities teachers should consider the following:

  • Reflection activities should involve individual learners and address interactions with peers.
  • Students with different learning styles may prefer different types of activities. Teachers/ consultants should select a range of reflective activities to meet the needs of different learners.
  • Different types of reflection activities may be appropriate at different stages of the development of the portfolio.
  • Reflection activities can involve reading, writing, doing and storytelling.

Activities - Session 1 - Understanding reflection and its role in the ePortfolio development process

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Session 1 - Activity 1 [15 Minutes]