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Mosep logo small.jpg MOSEP ePortfolio Tutorial: Module 1
Selection and Connection of Portfolio Artefacts
Overview / Introduction - Module 1
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Session 1: Purposes of creating ePortfolio

In this session you will organise what you already know about the purposes of creating an ePortfolio. You will consider the ePortfolio process that learners must follow as they compile their ePortfolio. This process will be the same regardless of the type, structure or objectives of the ePortfolio. The following article by H. Barrett might be helpful: Electronic Portfolios in Education - Stages of Electronic Portfolio Development.

Helen Barrett identifies different types of ePortfolio:

  • The Working Portfolio,
  • The Reflective Portfolio,
  • The Connected Portfolio,
  • The Presentation Portfolio.

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Session 1 - Activity 1

Think about how four the types of ePortfolios, identified by Helen Barrett, are related to one another.

  • The Working Portfolio,
  • The Reflective Portfolio,
  • The Connected Portfolio,
  • The Presentation Portfolio.

Notice the following sequence of words:
Working -> Reflective -> Connected -> Presentation
and see it forms a process: Work -> Reflection -> Connection -> Presentation.
Draw the conclusions from it. Pay special attention to:

  • obligatory division of work with ePortfolio into stages,
  • purposeful order in which work should be done,
  • goals that can be achieved at every stage.

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Session 1 - Activity 2

ePortfolio as a method may support many different domains of education process. Think about which of four stages of ePortfolio development taht were discussed in Activity 1 might help with:

  • supporting learning,
  • supporting the learner,
  • developing Soft skills,
  • developing Domain-specific skills,
  • developing Technical skills.

Next to each of the element mentioned above write chosen letters which are the symbols of different stages of ePortfolio development W(ork), R(eflection), C(onnection), P(resentation).
If you used any letter only once or not at all then go back to Acivity 1 and think again about the purpose of that stage of ePortfolio process.
If you put just one letter or none at all next to any of elements think about why that happened.