Long term history of intelligent machines

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Notice that the list below is both transdisciplinary - involving work in several disciplines, not just art. Also the list is culturally diverse.

2010 Web 3.0 suggested

1989 Tim Berners-Lee: www, html, http

1968 Douglas Engelbart: the computer mouse

1951 Lincoln Laboratory: The Whirlwind

1941 Conrad Zuse: Z3

1940 Alan Turing, Bombe machine cracks German Enigma code

1820 Charles Babbage, Difference Engine, Analytical Machine

1801 Jacques de Vaucanson, punch cards, mechanical duck

1780 Benjamin Franklin, electricity

1642 Blaise Pascal, first calculating machine

1206 Al-Jazari, algorithms, water powered clock

725 Yi Xing, Mechanical escapement

200 China, Saun-pan computing tray

c2000BCE Egypt, levered servants of the dead

c2600BCE Abacus in China and Sumeria (Babylonia)