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The book, Living Color, by Steve Jenkins is a great literacy connection for this activity. Throughout Animal Inventions, students catorgorize animals into their different animal groups. In the book Living Color, Jenkins catorgorizes animals by different colors. This is a great way for students to learn more about animals characteristics including; why they are the color they are, where they live, what size they are, and more. Classroom activity: In a classroom activity using this book, I would have each student choose an animal mentioned in the book, and create it. Studetns can use markers, paint, glitter, tissue paper, etc. to construct the animal. Then I would have the students share with the class what animal group the animal is in, why the animal is the color it is, and where the animal lives. Homework activity: For homework, I would ask the studetns to choose another animal that is a different color, and from a different animal group, and colorfully draw it on a piece of plain white paper, with an explaination of why the student chose this animal, and why they think it is the color it is. Blooms Taxonomy: The students will be using knowledge since they will have to recall previously learned material. They will also be demonstrating their comprehension by writing in their own words about the animal they selected. Students will also have to use anlysis and apply the information they have learned to the animal kingdom. Syntesis would include the creation of their animal and explaination. And finally, the evaluation would include the evaluating a painting criteria.
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