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Libre Licences

A libre licence[1] is a license through which the author grants users the freedom to read, listen to, watch, or otherwise experience the resource; to learn from or with it; to copy, adapt and use it for any purpose; and to share derived works for the benefit of the community.

For a work to be considered "libre", it must either be in the public domain/CC0 or all of the essential freedoms must be granted by the licence. The essential freedoms are described in the libre knowledge definition and the free / Libre Cultural Works definition.

The following are examples of libre licenses:

Mixing resources across licenses can be tricky.
For example, resources licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license can be adapted/ extended/ enhanced or mixed into resources licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike, and the result may be released as "Attribution-ShareAlike" - but not the other way round.

Keeping track of attributions can be cumbersome, and derived works need to be licensed and attributed correctly (in accordance with the licenses of the mixed components). The (proposed) Libre Puro Licence below relaxes the attribution requirement and permits so-licensed resources to be mixed into various copyleft licences.

The Libre Knowledge emblem may be included with resources which are shared under a libre license (such as those listed above).

Draft Libre Puro License for Discussion

Previous Suggestions

Not pursued:





References, Notes, etc.

  1. See also: Licenses associated with the Free Cultural Works definition and Free Software Licenses.
  2. CC0 is not strictly a "license". It is a legal tool for an author to waive as many rights as legally possible, worldwide.