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Exporting from Start to Finance 3rd Edition, L. Wells and K. Dulat, McGraw Hill.
International Trade:Financial Services for Importers and Exporters, JP Morgan/Chase Bank, 2000.
Handbook of International Credit Management, second edition, edited by B.W. Clarke. Gower Publishing, 1995.
Practical Export Trade Finance, E. W Perry, Dow Jones-Irwin, 1989.
The Global Entrepreneur, James Foley, 2nd Edition, Jamric Press, 2004.

Web Resources

International Chamber of Commerce – www.iccwbo.org ICC Resources - www.iccbooksusa.com

Letters of Credit:

  • www.chase.com (FAQs)
  • www.informafinancial.com
  • www.allbusiness.com
  • www.qualitylc.com