Lesson 5: Making an Operation Bed

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By the end of the lesson, the student should be able to:

  1. define an operation bed.
  2. state at least four purposes of making an operation bed.
  3. list the requirements needed for making an operation bed.
  4. do a return demonstration on operation bed.

Lesson Content


It is a type of bed that is made ready to receive a patient returning from operating theatre.


  • To provide wormth.
  • To receive patient from theatre.
  • To combact shock.
  • To protect linen from vomit and saliva.

To clear mouth of any saliva for which purpose a tray is set.


Extra requirement to be added to those required for a simple unoccupied bed.

  • Mackintosh or any waterproff material and or dressing towel.
  • One or more blanket if necessary.

Bed accessories to suit patients condition.

  • Drip stand.
  • A post aneasthetic tray by the bedside containing the following:
    • vomiit bowl.
    • dressing towel.
    • kidney dish contianing:
      • swab holding forceps
      • tongue holding forceps
      • spatula
    • agallipot with gauze swabs
    • an injection tray
    • mouth gag
    • a receiver for soiled swabs
    • a gallipot with cold water
    • a receiver to receive mouth wash
    • temperature, pulse and respiration tray
    • blood pressure apparatus
    • charts for recording


  1. Make up simple unocupied bed until drwa sheet is in position.
  2. Place water proof and dressing towel at top of bed.
  3. Leavve pillow on chair.
  4. Place hot water bottle on bed if necessary.
  5. Place blanket on bed, if necessary.
  6. Put top clothes on as for admission bed.
  7. Turn back the bottom end of the top clothes.
  8. Fold the top clothes at the openside and three part over the bed for easy admissoin of the patient.

Note: Remove hot waer bottle before patient is put in bed.

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Operation bed is used to nurse patients who have undergone surgery. The bed is made in such a way that nursing the patient becomes more easier. The use of some bed accessories also help to prevent complications

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Teacher calls two students to:

  • collect the requirement for making an operation bed.
  • demonstrate jow to prepare an operation bed.

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  • Define an operation bed in your own words.
  • State four reasons for making an operation bed.
  • List three bed accessories that are used in prepareing an operation bed.

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Read on cardiac bed. 'Reference: Refer to previous lesson.

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