Lesson 5:Hardware and software

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This section of the module differentiates between software and hardware. It explains software and hardware types and the uses to which they may be put.

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At the end of this section the learner should be able to:
  • Differentiate between software and hardware
  • Differentiate between systems software and applications
  • Identify the different types of hardware
  • identify which hardware correspnds to which ports
  • Set up a computer

Learning Content

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The computer is made up of hardware and software components that operate in a mutually influencing manner to deliver services to the user. The operating system of the computer coordinates and manages user requests emanating from software/applications and/ or input devices. The input devices are connected to the computer via the ports located usually at the back of the desktop computer or laptop

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  • What is software?
  • What is hardware?
  • What is a keyboard?
  • List the different types computer ports?
  • To which port is the keyboard connected?
  • To which port is the monitor connected?
  • Which port connects to the printer?

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