Ports and corresponding hardware

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Mouse PS/2 – (Green) used to connect a PS/2 style mouse to your computer

Keyboard PS/2 – (Purple) used to connect a PS/2 keyboard

Network Port – used to attach the computer to the network and for internet sharing

USB Ports – used to link to peripheral devices like scanners, webcams etc as well as other peripherals

Parallel Port – The parallel port on your computer can be used to connect many peripheral devices. It is mainly used to connect a printer.

Serial Port – The serial port of your computer can also be used to hook up peripherals to your computer. Items like external modems and digital cameras can be attached to a PC by means of a serial cable

VGA Port – The VGA port on a computer is used to connect a VGA monitor for output display.

Audio Ports – Used to connect speakers (green), audio input devices (blue) and microphones (pink)