Lesson 4: Making an Admission Bed

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Special beds are those beds used for patients with specific conditions. In the wards, the nurse does not care for all kind of patients using the same bed but rather special condition calls for special beds. We will look at one of them called the admission bed.

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By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

  1. define admission bed.
  2. mention the requirements needed for making admission bed.
  3. demonstrate how to prepare an admission bed.

Lesson Content


It is a specailly made bed for patients who are admitted into the ward. It is made in such a way that a patient or client is admitted without delay.


  1. To provide womth for the patient.
  2. To allow immediate admission.
  3. To facilitate bathing of patient in bed without undue disturbance.
  4. To give promt treatment.


Extra requirements to be added to those for simple unoccupiep bed. A trolley with the following items:

  • long mackintosh sheet or mackintosh if necessary
  • one or two blankets if necessary
  • bed accessories depending on patient's condition eg. bed blocks or elevator, bed cradle, back rest etc.


  1. Make up bed as for simple unoccupied bed until draw sheet or mackintosh is in position.
  2. Cover with a long waterproof sheet or a long mackintosh if necessary
  3. Use one bath blanket or sheet over the waterproof sheet and tuck in all arond or fold under itself.
  4. Place second bath blanket over the bed.
  5. Put in hot waterbottles if necessary.
  6. Put on top bed clothes.
  7. Place conterpane loosely over the top bed clothes.
  8. Tuck in the bed clothes on other side.
  9. Fold the bedclothes over at the side nearest to the door, leaving it open to facilitate quick admittance.

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Admission bed is a special bed used for admitting patients. Bath blankets and bed accessories are some of the special requirements needed. One of the purpose of making an admission bed is that it facilitate bathing of patient in bed with undue disturbances.

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Teacher calls two students to:

  • collect the requirements needed for making an admission bed.
  • demonstrate how to prepare an admission bed.

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Explain why it is important for a patient to have his bath in bed especially on admission?

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Read on Operation bed. Reference refer to previous lessons.

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