Lesson 3: Making a Simple Occupied Bed

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A simple occupied bed is also a type of hospital bed. It is similar to the simple unoccupied bed. With our knowledge in the previous lesson, todays lesson will not be difficult.

A patient relaxing in her sick bed,Image provided by Courtesy of Fkickr.www.flickr.com

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By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

  • define a simple occupied bed.
  • mention and collect the requirements needed for simple occupied bed.
  • deferentiate between simple unoccupied bed and simple occupied bed.

Lesson Content

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It is a hospital bed with a patient in it.


Extra requirement in addition to simple unoccupied bed is Dirty linen bin.



  1. Side to side
  2. Top to bottom


  1. Explain procedure to patient if he is conscious.
  2. Provide privacy by placing a screen across the ward door (routine bed making).

NB: If routine bed making is not in progress the individual bed is screened.

  1. Place two chairs at the foot end of the bed.
  2. Untuck the bed clothes beginning from the top.
  3. Remove counterpane or blanket, if present, by folding it into three parts on to the chair.
  4. Do not expose patient.
  5. Remove all pillows and other bed accessories where necessary.
  6. If side to side method is employed
  7. Roll the patient gently from side to side and support him in this position (lateral position).
  8. Roll draw sheet and mackintosh up to the patient’s back.
  9. Turn patient over to the other side and remove draw sheet if soiled.
  10. If top to bottom method is employed.
  11. Lift patient to the bottom of the bed and remove draw sheet if soiled.
  12. Pull draw sheet if dirty or wet and change it.
  13. Replace pillows and other bed accessories.
  14. Replace top linen and leave patient comfortable.
  15. Discord trolley.


  • Clean patient if he has soiled himself before puttting him on tje clean sheet.
  • The bed clothes should not be tucked in too tightly around the patient, particularly over the feet. He should be allowed freedom to move.

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Simple occupied bed is that bed with patient in it. The extra requirement needed in addituin to simple unoccupied bed is the dirty linen bin. Two methods are employed:

  • Side to side method or
  • Top to bottom method.

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Teacher calls two students to:

  • mention and collect the requirements for making a simple occupied bed.
  • demonstrate how to prepare a simple occupied bed.

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Read on special beds specifically on admission bed. References Refer to previous lesson.

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