Lesson 2: Making a Simple Unoccupied Bed

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A prepared bed in the ward without a patient occupying it,Image provided by Courtesy of Flickr.www.fiickr.com

Today we shall start our lesson by looking at simple occupied bed, a continuation of the last lesson.

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By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

  1. define simple unoccupied bed.
  2. metiontion and collect all the requirement needed for making simple unoccupied bed.
  3. do a return demonstration on simple unoccupied bed.

Lesson Content

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It is a type of hospital bed that does not have a patient in it.


Requirements in lesson 2.png

A trolley with the following

  • Two large cotton sheets
  • One water proof draw mackintosh (if necessary)
  • One draw sheet (if necessary)
  • One or two pillows
  • Pillow stips/covers
  • One blanket optional
  • One bed cover or counterpane


  1. The above articles should be collected and put over two chairs placed back to back at the bottom of the bed. It is helpful to palace the linen in order which it is required.
  2. Place long mackintosh on mattress if necessary.
  3. Place bottom sheet evenly on the bed.
  4. Tuck the sheets under the mattress using enveloped carners, starting from top.
  5. Pull sheet tight so that there are no creases.
  6. Place a draw mackintosh (if necessary) across the bed with the upper corner under the edge of the pillow.
  7. Cover mackintosh with draw sheets and tuck it in.
  8. Place the pillows on the bed so that the open ends of the slip are away from the door.
  9. Place top sheet on with the wrong side uppermost.
  10. Fold over about twenty inches of the sheet at the top.
  11. The sheet is loosely tucked in at the bottom to prevent restriction of feet.
  12. Place the bed cover or counterpane loosely over the sheet.
  13. Tuck in at the bottom end under the mattress using envelop carners.
  14. Fold top sheet over the counterpane with all the sides tucked under the mattress
  15. After bed making the nurse must make sure that all the locker (bedside) and the two chairs used have been replaced in their proper positions.
  16. Remove trolleys.

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We have learnt about the definition of simple unoccupied bed, the requirements neede for making a simple unoccupied bed and the procedure for making a simple unoccupied bed.

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Two students should:

  1. collect the requirements neede for making a simple unoccupied bed.
  2. demonstrate how to prepare a simple unoccupied bed.

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Read on simple occupied bed for our next lesson. References

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