Lesson 1: Definition of Bed Making

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Bed making


Patients need to be nursed in bed to make them comfortable.The nurse will also be comfortable without straining on her back. Hospital beds patients positions can easily be changed with minimal dis turbances to him.

500pxBeds to give domfort regardless of your illment, Image provided Courtesy ofFlickr.www.flickr.com

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By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:
  • define bed making.
  • mention at least seven rules of bed making.
  • mention four reasons for making beds.
  • mention five types of bed.

Lesson Content

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It is the techniques of preparing different types of bed in making a patients/clients comfortable or his/her position suitable for a particular condition.

Rules to be observed when making beds

  1. All equipments should be collected before starting.
  2. Two nurses are required and they should work in harmony avoiding jerky movements and jarring the bed.
  3. Bed should be made in such a way that patient can be put in it without difficulty.
  4. It should be suitable for treating certian conditions. eg. shock.
  5. The bed should be free from crumbs and creases and should give a maximum comfort to the patient. #Pillows and other bed accessories should be well arranged to give support twhere necessary.
  6. The patient's face should never be covered by sheets or blankekts.
  7. The patient must never be exposed.
  8. Extra assisstance should be available and, if nacessary, one should be called upon to help lift the patient.
  9. When pillows are being shaken the nurse should turn away from the patient.
  10. Any conversation during bed making should not be on personal matters between the nurses.
  11. The open side of a pillow case should be away from the main door of the ward.
  12. Always have a dirty linen bin at hand in which to put dirty linen.
  13. Dirty linen should not be carried across the ward to prevent cross infectoin.
  14. allow room for the patient feet for free movement or turning when placing the top sheet over the patient.
  15. Always wash hands before and after bed making.

Reasons for bed making

  1. To keep the ward neat and tidy.
  2. For patients comfort.
  3. To prevent cross infection.
  4. For treatment of certian conditions.

Types of hospital beds


  1. Routine beds:
  • Simple unoccupied bed.
  • An occupied bed.
  1. Special beds:
  • Cardiac bed.
  • Orthopedic bed.
  • Operation bed.
  • Adimission bed.
  • Divided bed.
  • Aputation bed.
  • Plaster of Paris bed.

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Bed making is the tecniques of making different types of bed.Before bed making the nurse shuold observe certian rules. Lastly the nurse should know the reasons for making the patient bed.Put your summary here

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  1. Define bed making in your own words.
  2. State eight rules that you will observe before making a patient's bed.
  3. List fuor reasons of making beds.
  4. List five types of hospital bed.

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Read on making a simple unoccupied bed. References

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  2. Nurses and Midwives Council' Ghana (1995). Standard Procedure Manual for Nurses. Accra: Max Associate Limited.

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