Introduction to Information Technology

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Lesson 1 This lesson traces the birth of information technology and briefy describes the concepts by linking it to the development of computers beginning with the first generation of computers.

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At the end of this lesson the learner should be able to:
  • Define Information Technology
  • Describe the impact of IT on modeern society
  • Expalin what is the information age
  • Describe the professions enabled by IT
  • Explain the advent of the Internet and impact on the work environment and communications

Lesson Content

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The growth and development of information and communication technologies (ICTs) has led to their wide diffusion and application, thus increasing their economic and social impact. The OECD undertakes a wide range of activities aimed at improving our understanding of how ICTs contribute to sustainable economic growth and social well-being and their role in the shift toward knowledge-based societies. Mobile commerce is a promising market both for consumers and businesses. However, consumer troubles and complaints are increasing and can sometimes become serious, including issues for minors. Member countries’ experiences show that we should ensure that consumers benefit. In particular, countries may review their instruments with regard to a more effective scheme for information disclosure, liability protection over SIM and RFID cards, effective notice to excessive consumption, and the importance of consumer education. Businesses may also consider more effective consumer protection schemes.