Professions enabled by IT

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Among the professions enabled by IT and the Internet are:

  • Webmasters that develop and/or maintain web sites
  • Web-hosting services where a company establishes a server park for hosting and maintaining the web sites of clients on the servers for a fee.
  • Network construction and management may involve local, metropolitan or wide area network construction and/or establishment. Professionals in these fields put together network components and configure systems to operate as a network of computers. Machines or people can possess identities recognized on the network. An identity regime is established for each entity on the network.
  • Internet Services Providers offer internet access services customers for a fee.
  • Web services are the result of linking several internet sites in service offers, ex. holiday offers where meteo services, flight reservations and other services may be integrated to provide cumulated component services to customers in order to provide the concept of a virtual one-stop shop.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol services are offered by several ISPs to clients. Clients having internet access may use either speakers or earphones connected to their PCs, laptops or PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) to enable them engage in conservations with called parties.
  • Internet telephony services is a more efficient service than VoIP in terms of the elimination of latent delays on the internet phone line. Conversations using Internet telephony are clearer and smoother.
  • Blogger upload and discussion of content. Text may be accommodated with photography or artwork. Site may be supported via ads or other ways. Usage of social media and other networks to increase readership