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What is a learning object? What is learning? What is an object?

These questions are the focus of many educators, particularly those who delve into the realm of Computer Science to find answers to today's educational deficiencies and to learn something about where education is heading. If someone is to be an educator, he or she must first be educated - and that involves learning, which is clearly a process to most people. For the computer scientist involved in education, the ideas of learning and process take on a whole new set of meanings, especially if he or she is thinking in terms of machine learning. It is these meanings that become the means by which we may become aware of the full context and importance of learning objects as the topic advances.

Object Science

under construction see Unified Modeling Language at Wikipedia and UML at Wikiversity for now.

UML diagram of IEEE1484.12.1 Learning Object Metadata (LOM) base schema.

Sharing Ideas

The folowing IRC log illustrates the process of sharing - learning, teaching, discussing, developing, ...

You'll find an 18-year old East German female student (Sundance Raphael), an American pharmacologist (JWSchmidt) and an unemployed American author/composer (the author, yeoman) chatting in #wikiversity-en about schoolwork, language learning and the use of wikis in the learning process. A brief comedic interjection by a surprized Czek (User:Tutchek) fails to derail the conversation, which the author kept on track until a vandal "did a number" on Wikiversity's Main Page.


MediaWiki and learning objects

UML/XML schemas for handling Learning Object Metadata appear, at this stage of the development process a panacea of sorts for organizing, catalogging and replicating learning objects.

under construction