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Resource links of similar courses submitted by the community

  1. Digitally enhanced learning & teaching, London South Bank University.
    1. Developing a digital pedagogy (Intro unit: Includes history of communication technologies, DELT continuum: Campus-based --> electronically supported --> Blended --> e-learning.)
    2. Digital natives, digital immigrants, digital wisdom
    3. Constructivism and collaborative learning
    4. Constructing blended learning
    5. Digitally enhanced learning and teaching technologies (Accessibility, drama, social media, MOOCs)
    6. Facilitation & mentoring in the digital age
  2. Digital Learning Literacies (1st year course offered at DeAnza College).
    1. Use it - Technology Operations and Concepts - write, edit, copy, paste, save, transfer
    2. Find it - Research and Information Fluency - browsers, search
    3. Protect it - Identity, Privacy and Copyright - privacy, copyright
    4. Solve it - Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making
    5. Make it - Creativity and Innovation - photo, draw, paint, write
    6. Share it - Communication and Collaboration - publish, work together
  3. #DigCiz course shared by @Autumm
  4. Learning to learn online (Athabasca University MOOC - Note as an open course you can't access the materials when the course is not running).

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