Learning in a digital age/LiDA102/List of challenges

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Digital citizenship

Title Type
Personal description of digital citizenship (Social media) Activity
Define digital citizenship (Social media) Activity
Examples of the elements of digital citizenship (Social media) Activity
Rights and responsibilities of digital citizens (Forum) Mini challenge
Learning reflection (Blog) Challenge
Digital citizenship (Quiz) Knowledge test

Online identity for learning

Title Type
Digital footprint (Blog) Mini challenge
Social media, online identity and learning (Forum) Mini challenge
Your web presence (Blog) Challenge
Online identity (Quiz) Knowledge test

Digital environments

Title Type
Digital rights management debate (Forum) Mini challenge
Critical product review (Blog) Challenge
Digital environments (Quiz) Knowledge test

Digital practices in the workplace

Title Type
Professional identity and digital citizenship (Blog) Mini challenge
Impact of digital technology on business (Forum) Mini challenge
Automation and the labour market (Resource bank) Mini challenge
Preparing for the future (Blog) Challenge
Digital practices in the workplace (Quiz) Knowledge test

Societal issues and the internet

Title Type
Philanthropy and corporate advertising (Forum) Mini challenge
Net neutrality (Social media) Mini challenge
Internet trolling (Annotation) Mini challenge
Research on online harassment (Annotation) Mini challenge
Psychological issues (Social media) Mini challenge
Digital redlining (Annotation) Mini challenge
Societal issues online resources (Resource bank) Mini challenge
Societal issues editorial (Blog) Challenge
Societal issues and the internet (Quiz) Knowledge test