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Defining digital citizenship is not easy because it means different things to different people. It is also a concept which is debated among scholars researching the field.

If you conduct a general search for "digital citizenship" you will find many links referencing resources targeting the school-level, with a focus on safe, skilled and ethical use of online technology. While these aspects are important, for the purposes of this tertiary-level course, we need to explore the concept of "digital citizenship" in more detail.

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Podcast on digital citizenship

The purpose of this podcast is to get a sense of the "people dimension" of digital citizenship.

Meet Autumm Caines, Associate Director of Academic Technology in the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at Capital University in a podcast with Bonni Stachowiak.

  1. Listen to the first 15 - 20 minutes of this Teaching in HigherEd podcast on Digital citizenship. The podcast introduces aspects of digital citizenship and the learner experience in starting out with engagement with social media.

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Refined definition of digital citizenship
  1. Your outputs of this activity will be used in the learning challenge for this pathway.
  2. Read the introductory section of the Wikipedia article: Digital citizen
  3. Conduct a general search for "definition of digital citizen" - select the two best definitions and add these to the library of your citation management tool (or keep a record for citation purposes).
  4. Try and locate one recent scholarly definition for "digital citizen". Record the reference for citation purposes - How recent is the reference?
  5. Revise your personal description of "digital citizenship - Does your new definition differ from your initial description?

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