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Dear participants

Welcome to the OERu’s free micro-course, Digital literacies for online learning (LiDA101). LiDA101 is one of four micro-courses which form part of Learning in a Digital Age with optional pathways to achieve a badge or certificate for participation, micro-credentials and formal academic credit.

These instructions are for: Independent study before starting the course..

In today’s email, we:

  • invite you to complete the OERu New Participant Survey (if you haven’t previously completed the survey),
  • provide information on how to navigate the course site, and
  • provide a brief overview of the course.

Spend a little time familiarising yourself with the course website and what the course is about. In our next email we will send information on how to set up your personal learning environment.

Thanks again for your interest in LiDA101 and we wish you every success with your learning on this course.

Best wishes
Your LiDA101 Team.

OERu new participant survey

If you are studying with us for the first time - please help us by completing the optional OERu New Participant Survey. This will take about 6 to 10 minutes to complete. This anonymous survey provides us with valuable information about your reasons for taking this course. Your feedback will help our charity to plan future course offerings. (If you have already completed this survey in the past, you are not required to submit this again.)

Survey link: https://oer.nz/oerusurvey

Navigating the OERu course site

Your course site for LiDA101 is located at: https://course.oeru.org/lida101/ (bookmark this page in your browser).

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the layout of the OERu course site. For more information, visit the OERu support site which includes useful screencast videos which will show you how to:

  1. Navigate the main course menu
  2. Navigate through a learning pathway
  3. Navigate using a smartphone

Course overview

Before commencing the course, we recommend that you read LiDA101’s About page which summarises the course.

You should also read the subpages of the Course Guide section. Pay particular attention to:

Course feed

Make sure you can locate the Course Feed page. (You will find this under the “Interactions” menu option at the top of your screen.)

If you are logged in on the course site, you will see a text area where you can post a comment. We invite you to say hello to your fellow learners. Introduce yourself and tell us why you are taking the course by posting a comment.


Complete the 5 things you should do before starting the course.

Need help?

First consult the OERu support site and the Frequently Asked Questions section on forums.oeru.org.

The support site also provides additional guidelines on how to search the support forum and post questions on forums.oeru.org.