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If you have any general questions, please post as discussion topic to the General course questions forum in Moodle. Even if you don't have a question right now, you might find this a helpful resource to browse.

Online resources

Online resources referred to in the topic pages have been bookmarked in delicious.com and tagged with the topic names in which they appear.

You can access all these resources using the topic headings below:

Getting Started

  • Getting started

Module 1: Learner characteristics

  • Knowing the learner
  • Culture

Module 2: Adult learning theory and Praxis

  • Theoretical Concepts
  • Andragogy
  • Critical thinking

Module 3: Teaching context and learning design

  • Educational design
  • Quality assurance
  • Reflective practice

Module 4: Planning, delivering and critiquing a teaching session

  • Planning a session
  • Facilitating a session
  • Critiquing a session

Module 5: Teaching philosophy

  • Action competence
  • Develop a personal teaching philosophy

Module 6: Critique learning design

  • Critiquing learning environments
  • Modes of learning
  • Assessment theories, principles and practices

Module 7: Learner-centred pedagogy and stakeholders

  • Cultural diversity and design
  • Stakeholders
  • Quality assurance in practice

Module 8: Personalised learning and diagnostic assessments

  • Personalised learning
  • Collaboration in education
  • Communities of Practice

Module 9: Planning and implementing learning

  • Trends in education
  • Planning learning experiences
  • Develop the plan

Module 10: Evaluation of Learning design

  • Evaluation
  • Evaluation planning
  • Evaluation processes

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Class social bookmarking account for sharing resources

All resources will be compiled in a class account called GDTEOP on a social bookmarking site known as: delicious.com. This means that you can add resources and share them.

  • Categorising: resources for each topic need to be tagged. For example, material about learning design would be tagged with GDTEOP (for the programme) and learning design (for the topic).
  • Individual accounts: you may also like to set up an individual delicious account to compile material for yourself, sharing only material on the class account that you believe is relevant.
  • Sharing material: to share websites and online articles:
  • login to GDTEOP;
  • Click Add link;
  • Add tags - GDTEOP + name of topic.
  • Outline why the resource is relevant and useful for the topic.
  • Login details: these will be provided at the start of the course.